Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wk3 Comment #1 - Alonzo Moses

I'm glad to hear you're trying not to take yourself so seriously, I think that's something all of us need to make sure we work on.  You also point out that we all need to work accepting things the way they are, and I couldn't agree more; we just have to make sure we don't settle, and continue to work towards our goals while accepting the situation we're in.  I also really liked your summary of chapter 8, your sentence is quite succinct and clear.

Original Post:
This week’s reading continues with chapters 5-8 of “The Art of Possibility” by Zander, R. and Zander, B. Chapter five is entitled “Leading from Any Chair”, it pretty much gave me the idea that position of any level do not matter and that anyone can be a leader that can inspire. Chapter six is entitled “Rule Number 6”, gave me the reminder of how I should not take myself too serious. I’ve been working on this side of myself for quite some time before actually reading this book. Next is chapter seven, it is entitled “ The Way Things Are”. Chapter seven also gave me a reminder of something I often forget. Well not just myself, but many of us must be reminded that we simply need to learn to accpect things as they are. Its hard but the chapter can help you relax more. Lastly, chapter eight, it gave me the idea of how we can be contributors without feeling the sting of judgement or feeling like were doing it because we did something wrong.

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