Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wk4 Publishing_Presentation Project

I have decided to publish about my Challenge Based Research project to the Journal of Computing in Higher Education.  This publication really spoke to me in the questions that it asks when describing the types of things it explores.  I was also drawn to the fact that it is geared towards higher education because the learners I work with are college level students.  And, finally, this statement, I feel, is speaking directly to me: "Priority is given to the publication of rigorous, original manuscripts concerning research and integration of instructional technology in higher education."

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Wk4 Comment #2 - Kathleen Grace-Velazquez

You picked up on something that also jumped out to me while reading these last chapters of the book.  The idea of carrying around the spark and always having it at the ready, really speaks to me.  I know I don't always think that way, but it's important to keep that in mind, and be prepared to create or inspire at any given moment.

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The possibilities carry a burning cinder in a metal box with you to assure you have a spark whenever you need one...oh the possibilities!  And to think we have this spark with us at all times now and most of the times we don't even realize it.  Such a waste.  As an educator, this book has truly resonated with me.  I feel and hope that this is how I look at my students (and at the world), that I am there offering an "invitation for enrollment, ready to participate, willing to be moved and inspired, offer that which lights [me] up, and...eager to catch the spark." And direct our lives in a positive direction that is best for WE.  Positivitity leads to the possibilities.

Wk4 Comment #1 - Rosalynn Locklear

That's great to hear that you are putting some of the messages from the book into practice in your everyday life. I always find it funny when people say they don't mean to be or act someway, but then do exactly that. Hopefully your positive attitude and different way of looking at things, and subsequent results that is having on your students will rub off on her. For the people who just like to complain about things rather than do something about their situation, the best option can often be simply showing them other options through your own actions.

Original Post:
Over the past few weeks, I have noticed myself taking others' negative situations and turning them into positive outcomes. Who knew a book could inspire me to do that? I have this one teacher in particular that I work with that starts off every sentence with, "I don't mean to be negative, but...". Even though she doesn't mean to be negative, she is. I have started creating frameworks of possibility, as suggested in The Art of Possibility. I simply take all of her negative comments, and turn them in a complete opposite direction, and focus them into a more positive situation. It's all about how one perceives things. Positive perceptions often equals positive outcomes. I wish that everybody was able to grasp this concept, instead of wasting energy on complaining about things that can't be changed. A teachers attitude can definitely play a role in the attitudes of their students. Let's just say my students are little more open minded and positive thinkers in and out of the classroom.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wk3 Publishing/Presentation Project Think-Out Loud Part 2 - Decision Time

Upon further review, I believe I have come to the conclusion to publish my paper.  The other decision I have come to is that I will be publishing it to the Journal of Computing in Higher Education.  This was not an easy decision, but I think this covers what I'm looking to do and discuss.  The fact that the journal is geared towards higher education is to my benefit as that is who my learners were, and who I was focusing my research on.  Another aspect that has my interest is that the publisher also offers an option called "Springer Open Choice" which provides all the benefits of a regular article, but makes it available publicly online, instead of restricting it to the subscribers of the journal.  So now to the next step...writing the paper.

Wk3 Comment #2 - Kelly Grapentine

I think you touch on a great topic of everyone needing to believe in themselves. Such a thing can be difficult to do, especially if things don't seem to be going your way at the moment. You also picked up on my favorite part of the reading, Rule Number 6. Not taking things too seriously, and always making sure to laugh is pretty much a way of life for me. I definitely make sure to take things seriously when appropriate, but I don't understand why it's so difficult for people to lighten up some times.
P.S. I can't believe the school you teach at split the classrooms by genders, that just seems like they're asking for trouble.

Original Post:
Leading from Any Chair: I was really struck by this, because I feel as teachers we are supposed to do this every day. There's that old saying, to not be the sage on the stage, but the guide on the side? That's exactly what I thought of when I read this chapter. It's giving students more "power" in the classroom to learn. Once we do that, students will be more confident and might take more risks! I have a few tattoos that my students love to ask about, and one of them says "Believe" on my arm, so they always ask me what that means. I always tell them that everyone needs to believe in something, and even if you don't believe in anything, you need to especially believe in yourself. I think leading from any chair means that students need to believe in themselves to take charge in the classroom and in their lives!
I also love Rule Number 6! Speaking of my tattoos, I have another one on my ankle that says Live Laugh Love, and it's another one that my students ask about. This one is kind of self explanatory, and we see it all the time as it's a common expression, but do we really take that advice? Each day, do you make an effort to live, laugh AND love? Live and Love are the easier ones- everyone is already living (although I challenge you to take it to the next level and LIVE every day), and everyone loves something (their self, a family member, something else, hopefully!), but do we take a moment to LAUGH every day? Just remembering to never take life seriously (because we won't get out alive!) has saved me MANY a day when teaching in my school seemed impossible. Even this year, my classes are a little crazy (they gender-ized the freshman class, and I teach the majority of the GIRLS, so there's a-WHOLE-lot of attitude in my classroom on a daily basis), so just remembering Rule Number 6 makes me feel much better each day!

Wk3 Comment #1 - Alonzo Moses

I'm glad to hear you're trying not to take yourself so seriously, I think that's something all of us need to make sure we work on.  You also point out that we all need to work accepting things the way they are, and I couldn't agree more; we just have to make sure we don't settle, and continue to work towards our goals while accepting the situation we're in.  I also really liked your summary of chapter 8, your sentence is quite succinct and clear.

Original Post:
This week’s reading continues with chapters 5-8 of “The Art of Possibility” by Zander, R. and Zander, B. Chapter five is entitled “Leading from Any Chair”, it pretty much gave me the idea that position of any level do not matter and that anyone can be a leader that can inspire. Chapter six is entitled “Rule Number 6”, gave me the reminder of how I should not take myself too serious. I’ve been working on this side of myself for quite some time before actually reading this book. Next is chapter seven, it is entitled “ The Way Things Are”. Chapter seven also gave me a reminder of something I often forget. Well not just myself, but many of us must be reminded that we simply need to learn to accpect things as they are. Its hard but the chapter can help you relax more. Lastly, chapter eight, it gave me the idea of how we can be contributors without feeling the sting of judgement or feeling like were doing it because we did something wrong.