Friday, October 7, 2011

Wk2 Reading - Art of Possibility Ch1-4


  1. Chris,
    Grading is something I have always disagreed with. The reality is that you can't reduce the performance of a student to a number. If you think about how long it takes a student to show his work is average, you will come up with a 70, at least. It's not fair that passing is only from 70 to 100 that means 30 points only, while failing goes from 0-69. I think it is better to use goals/achievements to tell someone how he/she has perfomed. Believe it or not a grade affects students and, and sometimes, it even leaves students out, and they may be that stone Michelangelo talked about...

  2. Excellent reflection on the reading and your feelings on grades, measurement, competition and values. Excellent, excellent work.